Itemm welcomes around 280 French and foreign students every year. Their backgrounds are original with various cultural and professional influences

From high-school level up to Master level, from 16-year-old students for the youngest up to 50 year-old adults changing their career path, all try to reach a common goal : exercise one of the technical music professions.

In this particular context, the institute accompanies the students throughout their training period, especially the youngest by offering concrete solutions regarding accommodation, social questions, link between the professional tutor and the parents, etc.

The following pages offer more information regarding frequently asked questions by parents or students wishing to join Itemm:

Health & Welfare

Our social assistant welcomes students and trainers facing any particular problem. She listens to their daily needs and is available every tuesday morning.

The social assistant offers:

  • guidance through administrative difficulties
  • help to find accommodation
  • advice for personnel or emotional problems

The social assistant is also the disability contact person. She is in charge of facilitating integration of disabled students and organises their specific training course at Itemm.

Health and welfare permanence: Tuesday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Students wishing to meet her should fix an appointment at reception.

Social assistant : Caroline Regnier

Phone: +33 (0)2 43 39 39 00

Cultural life

Training provided at Itemm aims to prepare students for technical music professions. Nethertheless musical practise and cultural life are very important in the daily life of our students:

Individual or group musical practise

Most of our students are musicians or at least music lovers. This is why individual musical practise hours are integrated in their timetables. Itemm is equipped with 18 individual musical practise studios with piano as well as several group practise rooms.

Pedagogical actions, technical music profession presentation

Itemm is in charge of rising awareness and informs the general public: industry and profession presentation, specific projects designed for young people, exhibitions, conferences, support of musical practise « Orchestre à l’école ». The students and apprentices may be involved in these projects.

Bi-annual student concert

Bi-annual meeting, the student concert enables students and the whole team to come together and share their music passion. Students, trainers and other groups perform on the stage in the auditorium and fill this friendly evening with life.


Temporary accommodation : Apprentices, especially the youngest, can find accommodation in different institutions that are regularly in contact with the pedagogical team:


Living in Le Mans

Capital of the Sarthe department, Le Mans is part of the Pays de la Loire region and counts today about 143 000 inhabitants, called Manceaux and Mancelles.

The city offers various cultural events and is therefore a very pleasant city for students. This summary will give you an overview about daily life in Le Mans.