Located in Le Mans, a city linked to musical acoustics, Itemm offers the perfect environment to learn technical music professions. Placed next to the University of Maine, apprentices can benefit from the various student offers around the University campus.

About 280 French and foreign Students take part in a teaching course at Itemm every year. Having various backgrounds, the students often come from far away. This is why joining Itemm for a training course implies a lot of questions around the daily life in Le Mans. .

The following pages offer all relevant information regarding student life in Le Mans : a presentation of Itemm’s facilities, a description of Le Mans and its activities as well as details regarding student life.


Thanks to its untypical decoration, it is easy to recognise Itemm’s tiles-covered buildings. These are placed in order to offer a perfect learning environment for the different students.

To every section is attributed one round-shaped building called “satellite” equipped with teaching class rooms, individual workspaces and workshops in accordance with the section’s needs. Students can therefore benefit from dedicated reference building.

The different “satellites” are evenly spread around the main building where students may find:

  • reception
  • all administrative departments
  • the resource centre
  • a cafeteria
  • individual musical practise studios equipped with a piano
  • class rooms
  • an auditorium also used for concerts or conferences

A parking space and a park area are available for all students.