A major challenge for the development of the European technical music instrument sector is to open training courses for international students. Only 3 to 4 European countries have adopted a more or less complete system for technical music training courses. France offers the widest range of training.

Welcoming international students in Le Mans represents a major issue to preserve know-how and improve the international network of the French companies. In this context, Itemm organises a higher education diploma for international students with University of Maine. Since 2009, numerous students have been able to carry out their career project by studying at Itemm. More information is available here.
Some students benefit from the support of charitable organizations such as the belgian association Music Fund or Patrimoine sans frontières. Since 2004, numerous projects have been carried out with partner countries like for example Spain, Chile, Armenia, Montenegro, Italy, Mozambique, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, Venezuela, England, Tunisia, Benin and Palestine.