To guide you through your application process, you will find below a detailed explanation of the whole procedure.

> Before applying

Before starting the application process for the University degree of technical music professions, candidates should verify whether they fulfil the admission criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be a French national (except dual nationality) and not live permanently in France
  • Hold at least a Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign diploma
  • Have a minimum A2 level of French (pass the Test de Connaissance du Français or hold a DELF/DILF certificate
  • Have a realistic career project in the home country

Should all criteria be fulfilled, the candidate is able to apply and follows the procedure explained in the next tab.

> Application procedure

  1. The completed application form needs to be sent before april 30th of the year. More details regarding needed documents are available above. Incomplete application packs won’t be taken into consideration.
  2. Itemm will acknowledge receipt of the application via email and will suggest a phone or skype interview (because of the geographical distance).
  3. After examination of the application pack and evaluation of the interview, an agreement in principle once is send if Itemm retains the application. Itemm will then forward all needed information to the University of Maine for pre-enrolment.
  4. The candidate will then get an official acceptance letter together with the different university certificates : University degree pre-enrolment certificate and a special certificate for the French preparation course (if needed). These documents enable the candidate to apply for a visa in its home country.
  5. The candidate proceeds at visa application in its home country.
  6. Finally, Itemm sends the training contract.

To be examined, the application pack should contain the following documents:

  • Filled in application form (in French if possible, if not in English). Application form is available here.
  • A presentation of your career project and administrative & financial steps already undertaken to carry it out. The candidate may present any document justifying the progress and feasibility of the project (in French or in English).
  • Recommendation letters of local institutions that support your career project
  • A detailed curriculum vitae and a cover letter
  • A translated copy of your school diplomas (English or French) justifying at least an equivalent level of Baccalaureate
  • A certificate of your French level (DELF/DILF or TCF ) (liens)
  • A proof of your nationality (certified document)
  • A recent photography

> Arrival in France

Once arrived in France, the candidate needs to accomplish some administrative steps to finish enrolment. Itemm employees will assist the students.

During the course information meeting in September, Itemm employees will assist students in filling in the University’s registration form.

Detailed information regarding the different administrative steps are available on the “Practical information” page.