International applicants must fulfill the following criteria :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be a French national (except dual nationality) and not live permanently in France
  • Hold at least a Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign diploma
  • Have a minimum A2 level of French (cf. Test de Connaissance du Français or hold a DELF/DILF certificate)
  • Have a realistic career project


Organised in collaboration with the University of Maine, the University degree for technical professions in music requires both registration at Itemm and at University. Cost of vocational training at Itemm:
  • instrument-making course (piano-tuning, guitar repairing, wind instrument repairing) : Tuition fee : 14,480.00 euros
  • live sound engineering course : 23,180.00 euros (two years)
Paiement schedule : 30% at registration and the rest at the start of the course

University registration costs:

  • €189.10 for administrative costs
  • €215.00 for social security
  • All students taking an instrument-making course will buy the necessary set of tools at a cost of  € 850.00
  • French language course : € 1,200.00

French language course:

As international students take part in French-speaking classes, a good command of French language is necessary. DELF/DILF and TCF tests put into place by CIEP enable to assess the level. If needed, a French preparation course is given prior to vocational training at Itemm. Candidates with a B2 or even higher French level are not required to follow this preparation course. Candidates with a lower level should join the preparation course and therefore additional costs amounting to €1,200.00 apply. Depending on the students’ individual abilities, the French language course could last:
  • Six months : from March to August for students with an A2 French level
  • Two months : from July to August for students with a B1 French level
More information about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is available here.