Since its foundation, Itemm has been carrying out its mission for the benefit of its industry.

Vocational education

Itemm is an apprentice training centre, preparing students to diplomas in instrument making, repairing and tuning. In addition, it organises training for music professionals.

Support programme for the musical instrument industry

Government endorsed Innovation Hub for Musical Instrument Technology Professions, Itemm is acting as a go-between for the Arts & Skilled Crafts sector and the scientific and technical community. Leading innovative projects, Itemm brings the latest in scientific break-throughs and discoveries to smaller businesses, allowing them to leverage knowledge and capabilities of a well-established R&D department. Itemm takes part in promotional activities for a better recognition of smaller skilled trade businesses.


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Business intelligence & extended network

In charge of keeping the knowledge of the industry alive and safe, Itemm collects reference books and help the dissemination and popularisation of technical information. Publications and databases are available to all in its resource centre. In addition, Itemm publishes the annual magazine Musique & Techniquecollaborates to numerous of technical articles and translates industry-specific publications. Itemm is proud to keep the professionals well informed.

International activities

As a European institution, Itemm is involved in developing skills internationally. Instructors are sent abroad for specific missions to share knowledge. Itemm welcomes international students in its training centre in Le Mans, France. Itemm draws bridges across the world by creating thriving relationships with international professional organisations and institutions.