As the Innovation Hub was created to correspond to the professionals’ needs, the innovation team carries out shared engineering projects. Link between scientists and art craftsmen, these projects reflect the lasting dynamic of technology transfer.

Various scientific partners are regularly involved. Follow this link to see the whole list.

Latest key projects of shared engineering are :

« Lutherie tools » (2007 – 2009)

Luhterie tools is a project originating from the annual meetings “Musical instrument making & Science”. It was developed in collaboration with the Acoustics Laboratory of the University of Maine and Telecom ParisTech as well as several instrument and bow makers. The project concerns stringed instruments (guitar, harp, quatuor, bows) and aims to transfer the technology and innovation directly to the craftsmen. The instrument makers involved in this project have been equipped with a hardware device (sensors for physic measurements on instruments) and software for analysing these measurements. Guided throughout the process, they used this device to accomplish projects defined in advance in collaboration with research laboratories. Their feedback helped improve functionalities of the system and get to know its limits. It finally led to the creation of a more ambitious project called Pafi.


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“Pafi, Music instrument making support platform” ( (2009 – 2013)

Supported by the National research agency (Agence nationale de la recherche) during 4 years, Pafi offers a unique partnership approach between research laboratories (Laum, Telecom ParisTech, Ircam, Eseo), the innovation hub for musical instrument technology professions (Itemm) and a group of craftsmen led by UNFI, National union of musical instrument makers.

Given the increased international competition, Pafi aims at improving competitiveness of small businesses by providing them with an additional tool at an acceptable price which can directly be used in their workshops. Pafi enables prototyping and characterisation of stringed and wind instruments. Composed of hardware and software elements, Pafi helps craftsmen to reduce costs and conception time, to leverage knowledge and skills on an interactive platform and to better meet their customer’s needs.

This project finished in 2013 and resulted in the creation of low-cost prototypes for measurements on musical instruments well adapted to the craftsmen’s needs. Software elements were also developed and tested. The validation phase will start in late 2013.

Additional information in French is available on the official website.