Resource centre for the musical instrument making industry, Itemm is in charge of distributing information to all professionals. This work covers three main types of actions:

Instrument making & science biannual meeting

Since 2001, Itemm organises biannual study days on issues of common interest dedicated to string or wind instruments. These meetings help popularise scientific and technological culture among craftsmen and promote innovation. Study topics are related to the materials, sustainable development, physics and the sound of musical instruments. These meetings are organised with the support of Unfi, National union of musical instrument makers, and the musical acoustics group of the French acoustic society. It is an important biannual event for all national actors concerned by the musical instrument industry.


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Business intelligence

Accountable for the safe-keeping of industry knowledge, the institute works at centralising documentary resources and facilitate access to this information, for example by creating technical and bibliographical databases. All this information is available in French on our website.

Publishing activities

Through its publishing activities, Itemm participates in popularising technical and scientific information for the industry’s businesses.

In concrete terms, this is reflected by the yearly periodical music&technique addressing issues revolving around all technical aspects of music : professional, technological, musicological and economical aspects.

Itemm also promotes the writing of books in French language by taking punctually part in writing or translation. This facilitates access to technical literature for French craftsmen. More details about publishing activities are available here.