Through its applied research workshop with specialised equipment, Itemm is a mutual research facility for the profession. The workshop is used for developing experiments, measuring and analysing mechanical instruments and materials.

It is designed for helping musical instrument making professionals characterise instruments in order to improve quality. Given the specific typology of the businesses and their low capacity to invest in research and development, the applied research workshop provides technological tools tailored to the craftsmen’s needs. This comprehensive range of technical services guarantees an individual support of the craftsmen’s innovation projects.


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The workshop is led by a general manager, an engineer and a research manager. This team regularly works together with technical and scientific partners selected depending on the projects.

This research workshop also hosts students from Itemm for their personal research or class projects. Students can thereby also discover technological innovation and get used to the different measurement tools.

All measurement works carried out for craftsmen are subject to strict confidentiality. For more information do not hesitate to contact the innovation team : innovation@itemm.fr