The resource centre opened in 2002. It holds technical documentation in all aspects of instrument making, sound engineering, the music trade, organology, acoustics, musicology, etc.

During the opening hours, the resource centre is available for anyone without appointment and an archivist welcomes all readers ; general public as well as specialists, researchers and professionals.

It holds about 2 800 documents (including about 2 365 monographs), 1 085 CD/DVD/CDrom,40 periodicals, 295 music sheets and methods. The centre also offers more specific documents like work placement reports, individual works and documentary records.

Borrowing : the loan period depends on the type of documents. It is usually between three to seven days.

Six computers are available for web research, to do office work, to watch videos or to listen to recorded programs.


  • Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm
  • Friday 8am to 5pm


By email : documentation(at)

By phone : +33(0)243393907

Missioned by the instrument making industry for safekeeping of all related knowledge, the European Technological Institute for the Music Professions regroups the technical information and distributes it through various actions.

musical instrument making reference books. Provide this information to all professionals is one of the major challenges to secure transmission of the rare technical knowledge and develop innovation in the arts craft sector.

As the 1988 European resolution defined, one of Itemm’s missions is to support this kind of projects. This is why the institute with its resource centre and its government endorsed innovation hub for musical professions tries to regroup all technical information and reproduces it.


In concrete terms, Itemm publishes an annual periodical music&technique, real reference book for all musical instrument making professionals. Addressing issues revolving around all technical aspects of music (professional, technological, musicological and economic), this periodical also regroups news and latest industry developments.

Itemm partakes in the translation of renowned international industry-specific-publications and supports the creation of technical French-speaking documentation.

“musique & technique” brings you the latest professional, technological, musicological and economic news of the music instrument making industry, along with in-depth essays and references.

Published by the government endorsed Innovation Hub for the music professions, contributors include craftsman, distributors, musicians, sound engineers and scientists. “musique & technique” is a tool aiming at sharing knowledge and experience.

Each edition is composed of a thematic dossier and related articles in “science, technique, music” and “business, economy, professions” covering issues in conception, innovation, research, instrument making, practice, history, context and economic challenges.

To order, please contact : Laure Provence by email at documentation(at)


A resource centre for the instrument making industry : ITEMM is involved in publishing, co-publishing and offers proofreading services.


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