Itemm is set up under the French law of 1901 governing non-profit organisation. 

The European Technological Institute for Musical Professions board of directors meet twice a year. It is made up representatives of public partners as well as representatives of the cultural or professional world. For more details, follow this link.

A team of 30 permanent employees guarantee the every-day running of the Institute. The administrative team ensures the work frame for every mission, including training courses and is always available. To view our organisation chart, please click here.


The educational team is composed of the heads of the teaching units as well as all technical or general teachers that ensure the courses during the whole year. To get to know the team, click here.

Technical trainers regularly join the team to share their expertise on a specific subject. This reinforces the strong link between Itemm and the professional world. You may consult the list of our technical trainers here.