Itemm is set up under the French law of 1901 governing non-profit organisation. 

The Board of Directors counts representatives from professional organisations, National and local authorities such as the National Board of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Board of Competitiveness, Industry and Services, in charge of the Creative Industries.

Itemm’s partners are listed here.

Since 1992, we’ve been providing vocationally-relevant, accredited and professionally recognised education and diplomas. Certified as a National Examination Centre, Itemm hosts national examination sessions. In this way, we insure our mission of public services.


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Itemm sets up a range of specific training, targeted by sectors that are spread on the whole territory. Itemm is constituted in three educational structures :

  • a national apprenticeship training centre (C.F.A.)
  • a professional lifelong learning centre (C.F.P.C.)
  • a technical private school (E.T.P.)

Thanks to this set up, the Institute is able to accommodate various type of training programs that include apprenticeship, adult skills training and retraining program, continuing education, international studies and contract training.

Itemm is also a state endorsed Innovation Hub for musical professions and resource centre for the industry.