Itemm is dedicated to technical music professionals. with an International training centre, an Innovation Hub and a technical resource centre.


Itemm, European Technological Institute for Music Professions was established following 1988 European Parliament resolution as an European Institute for Musical Professions. It officially opened in 1994.

To ensure that our graduates have the right skills and competencies to compete successfully for jobs and have the potential to lead innovation within their sectors, the school operates on three main levels : a resource centre for the music professionals, a school for education on all technical aspects of musical instruments and sound engineering and a promotion and development centre for the instrument making industry.

Itemm offers courses in repairing, tuning, restoration and creation of guitars, wind instruments, pianos and accordions as well as training on the technical aspects of sound and the music industry.

As a government endorsed ‘Innovation Hub’ for musical instrument technology professionals, the institute contributes to the technological and economic growth of the musical instrument industry and promotes in France and abroad.