The Innovation Hub for musical professions is dedicated to advice and support instrument-making companies and craftsmen.

Its projects cover all musical instruments (stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments) and all professional activities linked to musical instruments (instrument-making, repairing, restoring, tuning). All missions are linked to training and business support:

Research and development

Acting as a go-between for the Arts & Skilled Craft sector and the scientific & technical community, Itemm works as a research and development facility to lead innovative projects. Mutual research centre, the institute brings the latest in scientific break-throughs and discoveries to smaller businesses, allowing them to leverage knowledge and capabilities of a well-established R&D department.


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Economical growth

Itemm also serves as the link connecting the world’s economic landscape with industry specific concerns by leading observational and analytical studies on the sector. It participates in the creation of promotional activities locally and internationally.


Business intelligence and extended network

Itemm is accountable for the safe-keeping of industry knowledge. Itemm’s technical and bibliographical databases as well as technical publications are accessible to a large public. The institute also publishes a yearly periodical ‘music & technique‘ addressing issues revolving around technical aspects of music.